How do I make an audio book?

Audio book production explained.

Making an audio book it takes stuff what does it take? Lets find out!

Intro Call

Meet and Greet.
What is the title and who is the audience?
Audible/Amazon/iTunes require that one version (ebook or print) is existing and already available prior to setting up a new audiobook. Is there an existing version of your book available for sale on Amazon?
Tell me about the form and content of the book.
What is the core business you are in?
How are you thinking of positioning your audiobook with respect to your core business strategy? How does the audiobook fold into your business development plan?
Do you know what an audiobook is and how they are distributed? Some answers follow:

Recording Manuscript

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Let’s talk about WHO should perform the narration. Did you have something in mind?
If you are undeniable the official “voice of your brand”, a speaker, podcaster where your voice has or is providing a primary connection to your audience, then consider reading the audiobook yourself. and having it produced by our team.
If having your voice is not particularly a factor in terms of it’s relationship to your brand and connecting to your audience, then we can consider hiring a professional voice over talent to perform the narration.
Let’s talk about budgeting for production. We price our audiobook development and production by the word. 14. To determine the economics – What is the word count of your book?

There are (4) basic pricing models for production based on WORD COUNT. All options include editing, post production, file management and uploading for online distribution. They are…

The above modalities may be blended in cases where for example, the author might read a portion and we hire professional voice talent to read another portion.
Generally, production will costs will be higher if you decide to hire a voice over talent. A budget can be reduced by creating a 50/50 royalty – share Agreement with the voice talent from the talent pool. If desired, we set this up when setting up your title for production. In these cases, the ACX/ platform handles all split royalty payments to voice talent.
Mention to author that these fees include production and direction by David Wolf as your producer for the recording process.
If you do decide to perform the narration yourself, in some cases, if you have the ability, you can record yourself in your home office and opt out of having David Wolf present for the recordings. If you decide to do this it will reduce your project budget. In these cases, we will have the author deliver a test recording to be sure they have the capacity to do their own recording without direct supervision or direction.
To record and provide realtime direction to authors, we use a high-quality remote recording platform. All the author needs is to be running Chrome as your browser, along with a high-quality microphone. We can either recommend one to purchase, or ship a loaner to you – you pay the shipping.
Once all the raw, source audio files are recorded, we then begin the editing and post production phase to meet compliance and quality standards.
After the editing and post production is complete, we send you a private listening link so you can check for any issues or required revisions. We then promptly complete whatever editing revisions are required and send you a fresh link to review the changes.
Once the final audiobook files are approved by you, we submit them for approval on, which includes Amazon and iTunes for distribution.


Once the invoice for the initial deposit has been paid, and the items required (per above) have been received, we work with the author to set up the retail account platform.
The author must provide the login credentials so we can handle the files and uploading.
Once the account platform is set up, we move into auditions (where talent will be hired) OR recording (where the author will perform the narration).
If we are hiring talent, we will listen to auditions and determine the best choice for the audiobook. once awarded, the voice talent delivers the FIRST 15 MINUTES for approval. This give us the opportunity to review pronunciations, make any specific revisions, set the pace, tone and provide any guidance to the voice talent for completing the entire work.
Once the FIRST 15 is approved, we will have the voice talent complete their performance and recording.
Once the entire audiobook is received, we will listen and make any specific revision requests if/as required. A list with time stamps will be generated by the author to facilitate revisions.
Sometimes up to 3 rounds of revisions may be required before the work is approved. Once approved, we will submit the entire work to Audible for audio approval. This process generally takes about 14 business days. Once the audiobook is approved, it will immediate go up for sale on Audible/Amazon/iTunes.
If Authors Republic was utilized for retail sales, then they will systematically submit the audiobook to their list of distribution partners.
For author performances, we recommend recording in 2 hour blocks. These can be scheduled as we go, for convenience and flexibility. Once the author recording sessions have been completed, we will go into editing and audio post production. This part of the process can take 4-8 weeks, depending on the length of the audiobook.
Once the edit is complete, we will send a private listen link to the author for approval. If any changes or revisions are required, we will schedule those recording sessions accordingly.
Once the final audiobook is complete, we submit it to the retail platform for audio approval, which takes about 14 business days. Once the audiobook is approved, it will immediate go up for sale on Audible/Amazon/iTunes.
Once up for sale, if the Audible platform was used under an Exclusive Distribution Agreement, the author will receive 25 FREE PROMO CODES for use in promoting he audiobook.
Royalties will be paid out and/or split according to the specific terms of the retail contract.
We recommend that the author change their login credentials once the title is up for sale and our work is completed.


Let’s cover the distribution elements of your audiobook release. We’ll be helping you set up an account on (Audible, Amazon and iTunes) and if you desire, also with Authors Republic (includes many additional distribution channels).
When you initially set up your distribution platform accounts, and before we start production, you’ll need to provide banking and tax information so that the distributor can pay your royalties. Once our work is completed, you can change your passwords accordingly.
On Audible, Amazon and iTunes – a total of 40% is paid out when you select an Exclusive Distribution Agreement. If we hire a voice talent on a royalty-only basis, you will share the royalties 50/50% with talent. if we are paying a PFH (per finished hour) for our talent, your out of pocket will be higher for production, but you will retain 100% of the 40% paid to you.
If you select Non-Exclusive Agreement with Audible, you’ll be able to sell your audiobook outside of their platform, but your royalties will be reduced to 25%.
The additional distributors available via Authors Republic tend to pay higher royalties than 40%, up to 70% in some cases. The royalty-share Agreement pertains only to Audible, Amazon and iTunes. And, the royalties remain a total of 40% (Exclusive) or 25% (Non-Exclusive) on Audible, Amazon and iTunes.
Once your audiobook is up for sale, your can promote it in many ways. If you agree to an Exclusive Agreement, provides 25 free promo codes to use for promotional copies at no charge. They will be sent to you via your platform account on ACX/Audible, along with instructions on how to use.
Additionally, Audible allows you to use the RETAIL AUDIO SAMPLE (a 3-5 sample that we create in production) to use for promotional purposes as you wish.
Leverage all social media channels, create a press release, leverage the release of your audiobook to promote the ebook and print versions of your title. Get booked on podcasts who serve your audience to talk about the release of your audiobook version.
The author retains all copyright in all cases outlined herein. And, the author is deemed self-publisher of their audiobook unless you are working under an existing publishing agreement

How Do I Get Started?

Schedule your 15 Minute Consultation

We will discuss your publication, content and marketing position to identify if our program is the right fit for you.

Decide how your book will be heard

We will decide whether YOU, the author, should read or whether to audition and hire a professional voice talent.

Receive turnkey production quote

We price our audiobook production BY THE WORD COUNT. This approach eliminates worry about studio time costs so there are no surprises!