Frequently Asked Questions

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General Questions

How do I know if I should narrate my audiobook or hire talent?

There are many excellent voice actors available to us for the production of our clients’ audiobooks. That said, if the author is a speaker, recognized expert or podcaster, a business and branding case can be made for them to performa the narration themselves. In our initial consultation call, we work with authors to help them make the decision that’s best for them.

What is an audiobook?

An audiobook is a downloadable audio version of a print or ebook that is made available for sale on, iTunes, Amazon and many other online retail channels. Originally, these products were produced and distributed on cassette tapes and referred to as “books-on-tape”.

How do I create an audiobook?

Audiobook production is somewhat complex if you are not in the audio production business. It requires alot more than simply reading your book into a recorder then uploading to the online retailer. There are acoustic and technical requirements that must be met to be approved for sale by most retailers. And there is typically alot of editing required to create a high quality final product. In addition to the editing, post production and mastering must be achieved in compliance with the retailers’ technical specs. Our business is to work with authors to streamline the process and create a high-quality audiobook, while guiding the entire process from beginning to end.

Why produce an audiobook?

Just as Kindle version or eBooks augment the distribution and sales capacity of a given title, audiobooks represent an additional distribution channel that is totally unique; people can consume books while walking, driving, jogging, exercising and doing other activities. This makes audiobooks very appealing in a world where people seem to have less to time available to read. Other reasons include the fact that they are portable, and that many people simply like to be read to.

Do you need to have a print or ebook version prior to publishing anaudiobook?

If you plan to publish on Audible, Amazon an iTunes, yes. The platform requires that at least an ebook/kindle version is available prior to setting up your title for audiobook distribution.

How do I handle graphs, charts in my audiobook?

Prior to starting production, the author is asked to create a “recording script” where any references to visual elements such as graphs, charts or illustrations are referenced in a way that translates to an audio-only experience. This can include re-writing a section or by including a URL for the listener to view the elements.

Sales & Marketing Questions

How big is the audiobook market?

Currently, more than 80,000 titles are created annually, and generates more than $2.5 billion annually and growing at about 29% year over year.

Where are audiobooks sold?

The largest segment of audiobook sales happen on Audible, Amazon and iTunes. There are at least 15 additional niche online distributors such as Barnes and Nobel Nook, Tune in, Scribd, Baker & Taylor, Overdrive and others.

Can I sell my audiobook directly from my website?

Yes. If you sign a Non-Exclusive Agreement with, you can sell your audiobook wherever you like at any price you like in addition to the sales you will get on Audible, Amazon and iTunes.

Business & Financial Questions

How much will and other online retailers charge for myaudiobook?

Outside of your own direct sales channel, each retailer of your audiobook independently prices your product and determines such price in their sole discretion.

While not always the case, the regular price on Audible for the product is generally priced based on its length, as follows:


  • Under 1 hour: under $7
  • 1 – 3 hours: $7 – $10
  • 3 – 5 hours: $10 – $20
  • 5–10 hours: $15 – $25
  • 10–20 hours: $20 – $30
  • Over 20 hours: $25 – $35

Can I earn royalties from my audiobook?

Yes, you will earn royalties based on a percentage of sales. The percentage is based on which online retailer you are selling on, and whether you are engaged in an Exclusive or Non-Exclusive Agreement, which specifically pertains to Currently, the percentages on are as follows:

Exclusive Agreement: 40% of sales is paid to author/publisher.

Non-Exclusive Agreement: 25% of sales is paid to author publisher.

The percentage varies depending on the online retailer, who sometimes pay up to 70% of sales to the author.

Check your specific publishing Agreement as they may have a claim to royalties on your title.

Technical & Production Questions

What is WhisperSync?

WhisperSync is a premium format available on that allows consumers to switch between the ebook and the audiobook versions while staying in sync. Enabling this feature requires that the audiobook match the Kindle version by at least 97%. Typically, Audible review new titles and automatically creates and offers the WhisperSync version if it meets this requirement.

How do you work with authors to create audiobooks?

We are a full-service audiobook production company. Our process starts with an intro call and leads to casting the narrator or working with the author to perform and record the narration under our supervision and assistance. We have a unique pricing model (by-the-word) which locks your budget and removes any surprises. We record authors worldwide over the internet using an HD remote studio platform that connects with authors and narrators from the comfort of their desired location. We handle all editing, post production and mastering, plus the uploading the final product to the online retailers.

How Do I Get Started?

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