Audiobook Production and Publishing Service for Authors and Publishers

Audiobooks are the fastest-growing segment of the publishing industry. As an author or publisher who knows the worth and appeal of your books, audio publishing has to be high up on your agenda.

To earn new and loyal customers, your audiobooks must meet the current industry standards. Some find out the hard way that studio-quality recordings don’t automatically have the quality or the right sound for audiobooks. Others have few choices of voice talents and end up with narrators whose voices don’t match the characters in the story. You can avoid these issues by working with an audiobook producing company that has the resources and technology necessary to produce high-quality audiobooks.

Audiobook Solution listens to your vision and sees to it that your listeners also receive the full impact of your story. We provide turnkey, remote audiobook production services that simplify the production process while maintaining industry standards for audiobooks. Our collaborative approach ensures that your audiobooks turn out exactly the way you want them.

Turnkey Audiobook Production Service

Trust our team to guide you through audiobook publishing from start to finish. After your initial phone call with one of our agents, we’ll let you decide whether you’d rather do the narration yourself or audition voice talents. Once we’ve set on the narrator, we will proceed with our 12-step audiobook production process.

We begin with pre-production planning and scheduling to ensure you meet your targeted publishing deadline. The recording follows soon after (we provide a remote recording platform for authors who’d rather do the reading). Once the entire book has been narrated, we take care of the editing, post-production, and audiobook cover design. Our processing team ensures the audio files are clean, crisp, and meets industry standards.

We’ll also explore retail distribution channels and walk you through creating your online retail accounts and exclusive/non-exclusive contracts with Audible and iTunes. Finally, we upload your finished audiobook. After a short approval process, your title will become available to your listeners.

Make your books available in audio format with our audiobook production and publication service. Not only can it give you an additional income stream, but it can also expand your audience base. It brings your work closer to the 18 percent of Americans who listen to audiobooks in the car or public transport, at home, or while out and about doing various errands.

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